PODD on High Tech and Speech Generating Devices (SGD)

*Please remember that any individual who uses AAC, must have access to a "Light Tech" or paper version of their communication system for times when the technology fails or is not accessible. Individuals with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) should be able to make the strategic decisions of which system will best meet their own communication needs for specific purposes, partners and environments .


Some PODD pages sets are now commercially available to work on high tech Speech Generating Devices, including the iPad and Windows computers. The PODD page sets that are currently available are a mid range level of language - comparable to the 16 - 40 per page Direct Access PODD books. However, they have only 15 buttons on the screen for more efficient use of the high tech features and easier access. They have been programmed over many hours by Gayle Porter based on her many years of experience using PODD on high tech devices with a wide range of children who have complex communication needs.

These pages use similar patterns to the paper PODD books, but are not a straight copy from the paper version. Technology and paper have different features. Efficiency for communication determines how each is optimally organized. There are carefully constructed similarities in the patterns, so that most children find the transition back and forth between paper and high tech PODDs transparent and easy to learn from what they know about the patterns in a paper PODD.


One version of the PODD page sets work on the Grid3 software form Smartbox. You need to purchase Grid3 with the Mayer-Johnson PCS license and the PODD pages sets programmed by Gayle Porter. Currently they are available in direct selection format, and eye-gaze format

FREE trial is available for download

Grid 3Trial: https://thinksmartbox.com/product/grid-3/

**NOTE: Make sure to select PCS symbols on the Custom Install of Grid 2**

PODD Page set trial to use with Grid 3: https://thinksmartbox.com/product/podd/

Remember to also download the PODD manual! Scroll down on page linked above to find the manual download links

There are a number of distributors in the US that sell various bundles and components. Price varies - but so does the amount of support offered - depending upon where you purchase it - so I advice looking into what support is offered from each company. US Dealers:


Grid2 with PODD page set

PODD page sets on Grid 3


TobbiDynavox Compass Software
with PODD page sets

PODD® Pageset
PODD, created by speech pathologist Gayle Porter, is a way of organizing whole word and symbol vocabulary to provide immersion and modeling as well as a means to express a range of messages in a variety of environments. There are PODD Pagesets to provide multiple options to suit the communication and language requirements of different individuals.

"PODD Pagesets on the Tobii Dynavox devices have been developed with and used by children, teens, adults, their families, teachers, friends and therapists over the past 15 years. I am now really excited to partner with Tobii Dynavox to make some of PODD Pagesets available on their T10 and Compass app so that other people who want to use the total, integrated PODD system can more easily access it."
– Gayle Porter

PODD page sets Compass

iPad Version: http://www.tobiidynavox.com/compass-app-overview/

Please note: if you are an SLP, you may download one copy of the version of Compass App for the iPad with the PODD page sets for free by entering your ASHA number - this will only work on one iPad and may be used for evaluation and trials with students. The purchased App allows you to use it on 5 iPads, just like any other App from the App store.


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